Friday, May 4, 2012

A belated 'Welcome Back' to Dutch Touch. And some other stuff!

Thank god no-one pays close attention to this lazy arse blogger for up to date reportage, or the welcome news of Iki Ikarus returning to SL in late February would have escaped the sluniverse. Iki is the creator behind the Dutch Touch brand, and I was loudly bemoaning the expected loss of my favourite skin store to everyone I knew, sending $L to friends with strict instructions to buy a 'Fay' or 'Megan' or a 'Jolie V2'.
(Truthfully, I never told anyone to buy a Megan - that's MY skin!)
Iki released her beautiful new 'Esmee' skin on March 10th, so I'm only about 2 months late posting about it. But I have a pic!
I'm wearing the Peach tone from the pack available to group members.

Iki has since released a VIP, 'group only' skin called PUK, but it just doesn't suit me. I'm holding out for her upcoming skin, Pientje! In the meantime here's a previously unpublished photo of myself and my sheep cycling around my sim. I'm wearing one of my 'Megan' skins by Dutch Touch. The sheep skins are the models own:
One last thing. Back in April, my favourite blogger - the wonderful Emerald Wynn - posted about the outbreak of grumpy looking, bow legged avatars, and included a pic of a slightly crazed looking avi in a pretty dress. I was skimming through the fashion feeds this morning and thought I'd found THAT dress. But no. This dress is slightly different. And has added awesome:

A spotted mesh dress with an image of a pig in lipstick, bearing the legend "Yep... Still a Pig". I love it! I even wore an extra lipstick layer to really push the point home. I don't have any pet pigs, so I posed with my troupe of musical sheep. Again!
The dress is a group gift from Crickets. It comes as a complete outfit with boots, suspenders and socks - two outfits actually, as it includes another dress sporting a gaping mouth. I wish I knew how to add a freakin' SLURL! The dress - or rather the compete outfits - are a group gift from Crickets. There... I think that worked! :D

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    LOL - as you can see, I'm waaaaay behind on my blog reading.

    Thank you for the shout-out, and that dress IS really awesome. Wondering if it's a reference to Obama's "lipstick on a pig" shot at Republican policies (and some say Sarah Palin). Crickets is gettin' all political up in here!

    Damn, it does look like that chick's dress. I never did find it.

    Time for you to write some more blog posts! ;)